Dreamworx Investment Group

We focus on Investments and Affiliate Marketing


The Dreamworx Investment Group built a track record investing in early stage ventures and securing exclusive deal flow.


Invested Money (USD)

Return on capital

We invest opportunity-driven, sector- and business-model agnostic.

Investments range from e.g. buying equity in startups to debt financing. The Dreamworx Investment Group is co-investing with the best VCs in the world. Due to the track record, Dreamworx has access to exclusive opportunities in the EU/ US.

In general, the Dreamworx Investment Group invest in all phases and stages of a company’s life cycle, but with focus on non-listed Seed/Start-up investments. Dremworx invests in early stage rounds primarily in the US.

In order to complement and diversify the portfolio, which has a bias towards Europe, Dreamworx invests in Hedge Funds and Venture Capital Funds globally – with a focus on funds investing in the US and China/Asia.


The Dreamworx Investment Group has proven to invest in sectors ahead of mainstream adoption. 

For each target sector, the Dreamworx Investment Group has built a network and deal share agreement with leading global experts, securing quality deal flow.

• iGaming, eSports & Social Gaming

• Digital Health 

• Medical & Recreational Cannabis / Psychedelics / Mental Health

• Media & Entertainment
• Longevity

• Impact Investing

• Financial Services (especially Fintech and Crypto Assets)

• Real Estate